Prompt 14: Person with Jelly-Bones

He felt the wet warmth spread out and down. It nearly reached his right knee and completely soaked his underwear. Jacob closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to count down, from ten. When he opened his eyes back up, he turned around and walked steadily and slowly, making sure not to draw attention to himself. Halfway up the hall, he turned and pushed open the bathroom door. Thankfully the only stall was unoccupied.

He went inside, set his backpack down and pulled out the folded jeans and freshly laundered underwear, before setting them on the top of the toilet. Jacob bent back down, and removed the plastic grocery bag he had saved from last weeks’ shopping. He hung it from the hook on the back of the stall door. He then carefully untied his shoes, standing on top of them so as to make sure his socks didn’t touch the ground.

His hands found his belt, unlatched it and carefully slid it out from the six loops. He gingerly pulled down his pants, carefully extracting each leg from his pants. He rolled them up and placed them in the grocery bag. Placing his hands on the waistband of his underwear, he very slowly pulled them off, trying to minimize how much of the urine-soaked material touched him. This he also placed inside of the bag. He then removed the disinfectant baby wipes from his bag, and wiped his thighs, his buttocks, his testes and his shaft. Jacob tossed the used wipes into the toilet, before placing the package back into its designated compartment in the backpack. He took his fresh underwear and stepped into them and pulled them up, followed by his jeans. He spent a few moments adjusting his penis and testicles before pulling up the zipper and buttoning it. The belt he slithered through the loops. Slowly he placed his left foot into his shoe, then the right. Jacob never liked to tie his shoes inside bathrooms, preferring to tie them while sitting on a chair or a bench. He stepped out of the stall, carefully washed his hands in the sink closest to the window.

He took a moment to look out of the tiny square, to the courtyard and park beyond. Crumpled leaves blew scattered across the bricks, and in the park he saw an elderly couple with a small terrier dog wearing a plaid jacket. Jacob thought they seemed to slowly glide rather than walk, holding onto each others hand. He wondered how long they had been together, how happy they were, and what type of lifelong fears, anxieties, and worries either of them had. Jacob looked back to the sink and his hands, turning the faucet on to the hottest setting, and watched his skin turn a bright pink. The automatic soap dispenser dispensed an excessive amount of bubbly soap into his hands, and he watched the foam ooze out from between his fingers as he washed them.

He turned the faucet off and looked at his reflection in the long rectangular mirror. The lighting was poor and he noticed the dark tone underneath his eyes. He carefully ruffled his hair, smoothed his beard. He was about to push open the door when he remembered he had left the grocery bag with his urine-soaked underwear and pants. Jacob turned around at the same moment the bathroom door opened. A tall man with the sort of jawline that Jacob identified with assholes and douchebags came in, walking so closely to Jacob that he could smell the stinging cigarette smoke underneath the cologne the man was wearing. Jacob tried lifting his foot, but couldn’t because the man had stepped on his untied shoelace. He tripped and on his way towards the bathroom floor, Jacob’s forehead hit the corner of the sink closest to the door. This time, warm wet blood began to spread from his temple, soaking his hair and covering his unseeing eyes.

Tea, pups, and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

Tea, pups, and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.